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Wines from the Pewter Goblet

(53 Known)


Aged - A well aged wine.

Bastard - A sweet tasting wine.

Brisk - sharp, stimulating wine.

Cheap – My guess, for the game it means, a wine that isn’t as good as others. 

Claret – Same as Clarre. 

Clarre – A type of spicy wine. 

Cloying - Overly sweet, and lacking the correct amount of acidity to give the wine balance.

Cowslip - A wine made with the flower Cowslip, a marsh marigold.

Dandelion – Wine made with Dandelion flowers, 

Eldritch -

Elderberry -  Made from Elderberries, a small dark berry from the Elder plant.  

Fetid – adj. Having a offensive stench. 

Fine – Pure, expensive, you get the picture. 

Flowery - Could be made from flowers, or smell like flowers.

Fruity -

Glogg - Spiced and often sweetened wine.

Gooseberry - A tart wine made with Gooseberries.

Grassy - 

Harsh – adj. Rough to the senses; sharp, sour, discordant, irritating, ect. 

Heady - adj. Exhilarating; intoxicating. 

Hippocras - a sweetened spiced wine drink commonly served in period as part of the dessert course. 

Hock - A dry white wine from the Rhineland. 

Honey – More commonly known as Mead, Honey Wine consists of fermented honey.  Pure mead should not contain any fruit, vegetables, herbs or spices and, as a result no hangovers either!! 


Madiera - 

Mediocre – adj. Only of moderate quality. 

Muscatelle - Made with Muscat, at type of grape.  Sweet.

Musky – 

Old - 

Port – A sweet, dark red wine. 

Pungent - adj. Stinging to the taste or smell.

Rancid - adj. Having a rank, tainted smell or taste.

Rank - offensive and bad smelling wine.

Rompney - Another sweet medieval wine. 

Seasoned – As in, it has seasons in it. 

Sherry – A strong wine from Southern Spain                       

Sour – Having an acid or Tart taste. 

Spicy - A spicy wine.

Spoiled – tainted wine 

Strong - Could be many things, Strong tasting, strong smelling ect.

Subtle - adj. Delicate, refined. 

Syrupy - A dessert wine, sweet.

Sweet – I’m not describing this, you get the picture. 

Tangy – adj. A strong or distinctive taste 

Torrentine - ???

Tyre - A sweet tasting Medieval wine.

Vernage – Another sweet tasting wine, see Vernagelle’s website. 

Vernagelle – A sweet tasting wine. 

Vinegary - A wine that tastes like Vinegar... bad!

Wintry - Original wine that came with the goblet.

Weak – Could be many things, from weak in alcohol content, or weak taste. 

Wormwood - a bitter wine

Zesty – adj. Piquant or appealing flavor, an enjoyable quality.