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Day 98 since arrival:

    Greetings again fellow adventures... if you are here again, I take it you have not grown bored of my endless ranting... Good!  At least someone enjoys my opinion.  Why, if more people listened to what I said for a change, perhaps this castle would be a better place?

    I do not jest at this point either, for oft times, I am correct in what I say.  I was correct about Anastasia, was I not?

  Well anyways, I think my first topic for this rant will be about Honor... the guiding light of the castle, so to speak.  Bah!  If you ask me, (which I'm sure you wouldn't), I would tell you that Honor is just another way for people to become braggarts.  When I insult your honor, I am just hurting your ego, your reputation.  So when you say you do things for honor, you are just saying you are doing them for yourself, and for your reputation.  I see no reason why a man should care about honor, for there are much better things to care about!

       On the same line of Honor, there have been several duels that have been announced in the last week, and are still on going last I knew...  The first being Andrew verse The Watch.  For all of you who were not there for the Punzel verse Starke duel, at the end, Andrew insulted honor, and for some reason, the Corporal took much offence in this, and demanded a talk with Andrew.  At this Andrew called him, to the best of my memory, a big headed fool, or something to that nature.  At that, the Corporal said Andrew insulted his (Bah!) Honor, and should have to duel him, Andrew excepted.

    Another argument is with Watchman Fill-o and Lila, whom by the way I am seconding.  Apparently, Fillo overheard her saying the following, and I quote, "Well, if the Queen's half so lazy as her blasted cats, then it's easy to see why nothing's been done."  Fillo, being as daft as he is, took this as an insult to the queen, and challenged her to a duel, and she excepted.  Perhaps for those who are just as daft, I best explain what she did mean, and I quote again, "IF the Queen is lazy, THEN it is easy to see why nothing has been done..... Since it is not easy to see why nothing is being done, then Queen must not be lazy. I had already said that I didn't know why nothing was being done."  This is her argument, and if you can't follow it, you must be daft. Well, I shall back her up, in all my glory, and hope this shall end in a peaceful manner.

    So again, I repeat, is honor worth all the bloodshed within the castle?  If it is, then I gladly back those who do not believe in honor, for if honor is just another word for murder, than those with Honor should be hated for the murderers that they are....

Retribution - Menace of the Castle.