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Day 89 since arrival:

    Greetings fellow people of Castle Marrach; also known as Hell.  

    As some of you might now, I am now proven untalented in the areas of magic.  Because most of you are aware of how everything went, I will not go into further details on what happened, well besides the fact that I am upset.  It seems that I have wasted part of my soul, part of my being, and have received nothing in return...

Not to mention the fact that Watchman Artegal is starting to annoy me.  I swear, the man is bent of finding any excuse he can to have me locked up... even for defending myself.  I wouldn't be surprised if he starts making up things next.... oh what is this castle coming too.

    I personally like to believe that I make the castle a better place.  Can you imagine what this castle would be like without me....  Now before you get all pleasant imagery in your head, let me remind you of a few facts.  One, I have made Victor a less of a nuisance then he normal was.  Two, I was the one who made a point in that Anastacia did kill Roland, and Third, if there wasn't a person like me, surely there would be someone worse.  I help keep the future bullies in place, while retaining my own power.  This helps the castle in numerous ways, and I should be an honored guest for it as well...     

    Besides the mishap of the cursid ring, and the evil Watchman, everything has just been dandy.  Now I look for something better to do in this god forsaken castle, and may you share in my misery,

Retribution - Menace of the Castle