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Day 82 since arrival:

    Another week, another rant, thats what I say, and boy do I have a few negative words to say this week.

    As some of you know, during the ball, I got arrested.  Now all and all, that was not to big of a surprise, the biggest surprise to me, however, was that I wasn't even trying!  You know, I even had this big plot involving dropping a cake from the balcony on the Prince's head, but no... they had to arrest me before I got the chance!  I suppose you all wish to know why I was arrested, so here is the details.

    During the ball, the Queen made her grand speech, which really wasn't grand at all, and I sat through all of it without a word.  Then, supposedly the finally, she waved her hands and all the mirrors in the ballroom became windows of sorts.  Now, me being an apprentice, I have seen powerful magic, and so, in my contempt, I muttered "I've seen better."  Apparently, I spoke louder than I thought, for not only did the Queen hear me, but apparently some foreign speaking guard did as well.  So he started to drag me down to the dungeon, when I really had no idea what I did wrong.

    Oh well, it happens, I suppose I deserved it, but there is more to this story.  Enter an old man, not wearing clothes, who apparently was a newly arrived fellow.  He saw me struggling against the guard, and in a noble attempt, tried to free me, he even came down to the dungeon to try to get the guard to release me.  Unfortunately, the guard, being foreign as he is, cared little, and locked us both up!  Now this was an outrage for me.  How could they lock up a innocent man, a man who was following his instincts; and being newly awakened, those instincts were messed up.  Not only that, he should have been able to tell this man needed help, when he didn't even know what clothes were.  

    Perhaps you should ask me later how the story ends, but I did manage to get back to the ball to received a gift from the Queen that she gave to everyone... a magical goblet that gives you unlimited wine, just by taping it.  I however, believe my gift to be cursed.  Today, while I was in the refectory, drinking my wine, I tapped it, to get more, and suddenly, the Rankest wine came into the goblet.  I crimpled my nose to drink it, hoping that the next time I would get something better.... no luck.. I got Bastard Wine!  I sense the Queen is trying to tell me something here... or perhaps I don't know my wines... either or....

    Overall, my week went pretty normal, except for the few facts that there was a minor ball, and I bathed... but besides that, things went well.  I wish you all a snowy eve..

    Retribution - Menace of the Cattle.   er, Castle.