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Day 71 Since arrival: 

    Ahh yes, another week has pasted by, and it has given me much to rant about this day.

    I suppose I should start with what everyone is wondering about, the "Winter" Ball.  First off, the name strikes me, as, well, quite bland.  Isn't everyday in the castle, Winter?  Why couldn't they come up with a better name like "The Queen's Day Dance", or even better "Retribution's time to get arrested" Ball?  Oh well, I suppose there is always next time.

   And yes, I have received a guest invitation to the ball, so all is not well.  You can blame the innocent Sera Sara if you wish, for she is the one who gave it to me. Soon, the Inner Bailey residents will learn of my "Great Deeds", and I will quickly become known to all of them.  Prepare to meet your Retribution!  *MUHAHAHA*

    If you couldn't have seen it yourself by this point, I have once again returned to my, uncaring, and rude self.  The effects of the binding were powerful, but I am glad that I was able to get over them.  Other's, like Duvessa, the Apprentice who died during her binding, will not be able to get over them.  May this be a warning to all who plan on studying magic,  it is not easy, and it is possible, and even quite likely, that you will die during the process.

    On a more lighthearted note, Andrew is once again telling his horrible stories to the masses; and I am still wondering why he couldn't have stayed dead.  Although some of his stories are bad enough to make you want to die, unfortunately, you will be forced to suffer through it, like myself.

    As clever as the love note scam was, I must say, I could have done it better.  I mean, why didn't they have the men wear red vests, and the women green bonets in both of them, so that, we all seemed to match the others.  I suppose that would have taken some intelligence by the party who came up with it anyways, and so, everyone figured out the trick before it was even supposed to happen.  What can I say, some people can only wish to be as clever as the one who calls himself Retribution.

    Well, I suppose I have taken enough of you *cough* valuable time in the castle.  So tread lightly friends, people seem to be disappearing all to quickly.  As I look forward to the "Winter Ball",

The one who calls himself Retribution - Self-Proclaimed Menace of the Castle

(Now there is a mouthful)