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Day 64 Since arrival:

    Good Day everyone I welcome you to the first installment of Retribution's Rants.  In this weekly column I will detail my feelings about certain events, people, or places that I deem important to talk about; so lets begin.

    This week was one of those weeks that many of us wish could have been less tragic.  Two deaths, in two days has caused great pain within the castle.  Not to mention the fact of the mischief of the cider, nor my binding, which has caused serious mental changes, which for the most part, seem to be dissipating.

    But anyways, the Deaths of Sera Duvessa, and Ser Andrew were a shock to all living in the castle.  I for one did not realize the true dangers of living in the castle, and now that fact is realized with the murder of Ser Andrew.  I am glad I was not there to see his body, and I hope that he may rest in peace, and that the murderer be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the Queen's Law.

    Sera Duvessa was a dear friend of mine, a model women she was, and is a great loss to the castle.  She died Day 59, one day after my binding, during her binding.  Now some of you reading this, might not realize what a "binding" is.  The binding is a magical ritual that combines the users focus (which the user has worn, and not let others touch for a straight week), to them.  This ritual involves great pain, to the person, and basically, part of the person is put into the focus, never to be regained.  Unfortunately for Duvessa, she died during this process, most likely killing her in the most gruesome of ways.  But followers of Lady Serista, the great sorceress, know of the price, and we to took the same risk as Duvessa did, and we lucked out.  May Duvessa live happily at where ever she is now, and may she to, rest in peace.

    Now for less important matters.  After my binding, during the evening of the 58th day, a strange occurrence became of many.  First of all I should describe my situation so that you understand where I am coming from.  Earlier that eve, I had my binding, and it put me into a very weak physical state, and for some strange but ironic reason, made me most polite.  Normally, for those who are new, I tend to be most rude and free-spirited, and often care little about manners, or what others think of me.  So this was a complete reverse of how I am normally.  Now back to the strange occurrence.  While I was being my polite self that eve, in the refectory, someone, I am unsure of whom, brought in some cider for the lot of us.  I of course didn't drink the cider, being in my polite state, because not only is it rude to drink in front of the ladies, but I said at that time, that I much prefer wine (Which, so you know, I would rather prefer beer, but that is another story, for another time).  After drinking this cider, the drinker soon became infatuated with the first person they saw.  Unfortunately for me, Victor was the one who fell in love with me.  And soon the entire room was filled with would be suitors and suiteresses if you will, trying to win the love of their chosen.  Lucky for us, the effects wore off after a time, and all was back to normal.  Except of course that I had fainted, but that is another story.

Well, this week, it was more news than a rant, but I promise you, as I return to full health, I will return to ranting and raving about god knows what.  Thank you for listening.

Retribution - Menace of the Castle.