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Day 105 since arrival:

    Hello again, fellow prisoners... I am back, and gosh, I am bored...

    Is it just me, or does most of our lives have the consistency of a pet dog or cat.  Most of the time we just sit or lie around, waiting for something to happen, letting our days go by.  All we do is talk, and occasionally fight.  This boring existence is no doubt the Queen's fault!  She has brought us here to be her pets, and we seem to be fulfilling that very presence.  We are expected to have undying devotion to her, much like a pet, and we are expected to obey her, again like a pet.  

    So let us rise against the boredom of the castle, and create fun, entertaining, and interesting things to do!  Many have tried this and failed, for one can only have so many poet meetings, and duels.  Lets us find something new to occupy ones self... perhaps a discussion or argument about something!  For once, let us do something meaningful in the castle I call Hell!

    I watch the continued arrival of newly awakened streaming in, and I am observing that few seem to care about their ideas!  We should listen to these people!  For their ideas can spur new interaction within the castle and produce new and interesting things to do!  

    I raise the call for new dice games to utilize the dice that Hetchel has found!  We should find something to bet with and for, and a game to play!  It is boring sitting around trying to guess a number without any reward... let us make fun!

    So I raise the call to be entertained!  Many complain of boredom but do nothing to combat it.  Let us change that...  Ahh... well, I am bored again, perhaps I should find something that interests me.... nah... all of the guilds and such are just as boring.... as the magic meetings are.   *Yawn boredly*  Well, I shall talk to you next week, hopefully, in a less bored state of mind....

Retribution - Menace of the Castle